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We are currently looking for sponsorship to run in the Wicked Cool Midget Series as well as a selected amount of NEMA Light division races which both are a touring series all around New England. With a handful of races in Connecticut we also have some races in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and New York. I drove Quarter Midget racecars for 9 years, We tried a SK Light modified for a year and decided a NEMA would be a better fit to not only learn and race different tracks, but to also drive a car much similar to a Quarter Midget racecar. We are determined to run up front week in and week out, as we race towards our goals of winning in this division. The following is a sponsorship proposal for the 2015 racing season. In this proposal it will outline the services that we will provide for you, as well as give a brief description to what we do at Joe Fraulino Racing. The objective is for JFR, is to grow along with all of our marketing partners, we do not succeed if you at not satisfied. We plan on getting bigger and better every year and are looking for companies who want to do the same. We know that putting some sticker on a racecar and watching it go in circles will only attract a certain amount of people, that’s why we do so many other things, such as; Facebook promotions, car shows, website advertising, bring the racecar to your company for a driver autograph session, and many other great ways to help promote your company. These are the things that sell your products and help you grow. We will work to no end to make this a long term commitment on and off the track with you and your company! Please take a few minutes to review the enclosed information on Sponsorship / Advertising benefits. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

How This Sponsorship Will Benefit You and Your Business

A racecar sponsorship is more than just a rolling billboard. Sure, you will have your company’s name on the car but there are many other valuable benefits.

  • You get a driver who can help network and promote your business.
  • Provide exposure for your business.
  • Possible tax write-offs.
  • Can be utilized to improve employee morale and it will definitely be fun for you and your employees to become involved in.
  • You are welcome to get as involved with the racing team as you would like.

Common Myths About Motorsports Sponsorships:

Myth 1 - Providing sponsorship is simply too expensive. NOT TRUE! You determine how you would like to provide assistance to the race team and there are many different forms of sponsorship and it does not have to include financial support.

Myth 2 - All that you receive in return for sponsoring the team is your company’s name on the car NOT TRUE! There are many other benefits you will receive.

How can motorsports sponsorship benefit your business?

Motorsports sponsorship can increase name awareness through visibility in the community, improve revenue, and employee morale. Of course, an added benefit is the potential tax break / advertising write-off you may be able to obtain for your business.

Have you ever passed a trailer carrying a racecar on the road? Let me ask you, did it catch your eye? The attention received while transporting the racecar to races is tremendous. Maybe we could park the car in front of your company and have a afternoon autograph session. It will definitely draw attention. You’ll find customers coming in and asking about the racecar.

Use the opportunity as a public relations vehicle by displaying the racing team picture on the wall of the office or store.

Racing sponsorship improves the loyalty of a company’s employees. Think of simple things such as a polo shirt with the race team name and your company’s logo on it. Racing events can be a very fun family outing for employees and their children would really appreciate a day at the track. Another incentive that can be used to build a company’s morale is to allow an employee(s) to work on the car preparation. Obviously this will apply more if you are an automotive shop or related business.

Even if you personally have no interest in racing, you can still take advantage of the promotional advantage it can provide your business. Racing events can be a great environment for the prospective client or existing customer who happens to be a race fan. Again, use the opportunity to be creative and differentiate your company from other companies in your market. There is no doubt that more exposure in the community will translate into a sale down the road.

A racing sponsorship is more than just a rolling billboard…

You also get a driver who can help you network and promote your business. A driver’s performance can be evaluated in several different areas.

I realize the importance of supporting my sponsors through many different methods and am always willing to discuss various ways that we can make this relationship even more beneficial to you.

What types of sponsorship opportunities are there?

There are many different ways you can provide sponsorship. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity. Of course there is always monetary support. You could also become a product sponsor by providing items needed for the racing season, such as tires, fuel, spare parts, ect. Often times sponsors will provide racers with unique types of sponsorship that have no direct correlation to racing itself, but allow funds that would normally be spent on other products or services to be used for the race team. I would be more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

Sponsorship Packages.

Bronze : $500.00 Company name on side of car

Silver : $1000.00 Company name on hood or left side wing

Gold : $1500.00 Company name on right side wing

Engine sponsor : $2000.00 Company name on right side of car or right side wing

Fuel Sponsor : $700.00 Billed $100/month 7X

Tire Sponsor : $1750.00 Billed $250/month 7X

*** business decal sizes can be discussed further for each sponsorship packages

*** all sponsorship comes with marketing on our website

*** Promotional Day with Car and Driver to draw customers to your Company.

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss potential sponsorship opportunities and to learn more about its many benefits to you.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to further discuss the benefits this relationship will provide you. Thank you for your consideration.

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